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Disc Wheel Extension Nozzle

Disc Wheel Extension Nozzle

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1 meter long hose
100 grams

Product Features

For Presta valves only


Connects with Fumpa, miniFumpa, nanoFumpa or megaFumpa pumps.


1 x Disc Wheel Extension Nozzle with elbow connector and spanner included.


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**New Product**

The all new disc wheel extension nozzle has been designed specifically for disc wheels (obviously). With a head height of just 22mm, it should fit into any disc wheel cutout. A 1 meter hose is included with this kit, and can connect to any Fumpa Pump using the included elbow connector. 

Please note this kit can only connect to Presta valves.


  • 1.0m hose rated to 38bar (550psi)
  • Elbow connector to mount nozzle to any Fumpa Pump included
  • Black and red anodised, CNC machined nozzle with replaceable silicone seal included (replacements can be purchased here).
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