Our website address has changed. We are now www.fumpapumps.com. The old site (info@fumpa.com.au) will now redirect to www.fumpapumps.com.

As you can see, the new site shows our new products! We will open our online shop for sales in early September to US, Canada, Australia and NZ customers (Europe coming soon).

Any questions, please email us at info@fumpapumps.com.


  1. Chris

    Hope you will be posting prices in AUS $ too, not just USD.

    • fumpa

      Hi Chris, at least for the short term prices will just be listed in USD. If you need a conversion, go to Google and type in “USD:AUD”. We find that this closely resembles what NAB Transact will provide as an exchange rate.

  2. Chris

    Great thanks ….. except that as a consequence price fluctuates daily!? Think I’ll wait until $ parity. Seems like the US customer gets a fixed price but Australians get kissed at the drive through yet again! Not complaining about the price, just that on any given day I could be a lot more than the next day.

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