nanoFumpa Manual

USB Type-C Version WDNANV10

Please read and comply with these instructions prior to using your nanoFumpa


Intended Use

nanoFumpa is intended for use as a portable air compressor for pumping bicycle tyres up to 80psi.

Protect the unit from rain. Do not store outside.

Using a Fumpa Pumps needle valve (sold separately), nanoFumpa can be used to inflate sporting equipment such as footballs, netballs and basketballs.

nanoFumpa is not to be used to inflate large volume objects such as swimming pools, boats, beach balls and large inflatable toys.

The manufacturer is not responsible for damage due to incorrect operation.


Environmental Protection

nanoFumpa contains a lithium battery. Please dispose of nanoFumpa correctly.


Safety Instructions

Child safety - nanoFumpa is not to be used by children, unless supervised by an adult. nanoFumpa is not a toy.

Risk of fire – Do not subject nanoFumpa to temperatures exceeding 50oC. Do not leave nanoFumpa in a hot car.

Risk of electric shock – Never use nanoFumpa with wet hands. Check the USB charge cable for damage before use.

Risk of explosion – Do not use nanoFumpa near explosive or combustible gases, liquids or reactive dust particles (such as aluminium, magnesium or zinc).


Package Contents

When opening the box, the you find find the following (refer to the image below):

  • 1 x nanoFumpa bike pump
  • 1 x USB Type C cable
  • 1 x Carry bag
  • 1 x Small zip lock bag

Place all items inside the carry bag when the pump is not in use.



Charging nanoFumpa

Charge nanoFumpa by connecting the supplied USB Type C cable to the USB Charge Port (see below). Connect the other end of the USB cable to a PC or USB wall charger (not supplied). The START/STOP button will glow red, indicating that nanoFumpa's battery is charging. The START/STOP button will cease glowing when nanoFumpa is fully charged. Using a 5V, 2Amp supply, nanoFumpa should be recharged in less than 1 hour.




  • Never leave your pump charging unattended!
  • Do not operate the unit while it is connected to a charger. Doing so can damage the battery! Always disconnect the USB charge cable before use.
  • Counterfeit wall chargers pose a fire risk and can damage your pump!
  • Only charge your pump using wall chargers purchased from reputable consumer electronics stores!
  • Ensure your charger is marked with at least one of these symbols:



Turning on the pump and checking battery charge

Press the ON/OFF button until motor starts to start pumping, then release. Press the button again to turn the pump off. Alternatively, the pump will automatically turn itself off after 50 seconds. Below shows approximate pump-up times of different sized road bike tyres when pumping from flat. After pumping up a tyre, rest the pump for 5-10 minutes. The pump will become warm after use. The pump is not intended to be used to continually pump up tyres.

When the motor is running, you may notice the ON/OFF button flashing. If the button glows red continuously, then the pump is fully charged. If the button flashes slowly, then the pump is between 40-95% charged, and the user should have enough charge to pump up up at least one tyre. If the button flashes fast, then nanoFumpa requires charging.

The battery charge can also be checked without turning the pump motor on. By pressing and releasing the ON/OFF button until just before the motor starts, the button will either not flash, flash slowly or flash fast, thereby indicating the battery charge. You can press the button again to turn this feature off, or it will turn itself off after 50 seconds. This feature allows the use to check the battery charge without having to turn on the pump's motor.


Approximate tyre pressures achieved by nanoFumpa after 100 seconds runtime (from 0psi)

700x23c tyre 75-80psi

700x25c tyre - 70-75psi

700x28c tyre - 60-70psi


Changing the nozzle to accept Presta Valves

nanoFumpa has been designed to accept both Presta and Schrader Valves:



When you receive your nanoFumpa the nozzle will be set up to accept Schrader valves. To accept Presta valves, unscrew the cap, remove the brass insert, flip the seal around and screw the cap back onto the nozzle:


Place the brass insert into the small zip lock bag when not in use, and keep in your carry bag:


Inflating a tyre

Connect nanoFumpa to a tyre by pushing nanoFumpa's nozzle onto the tyre's valve.

  • Initially, the user may find that the seal inside nanoFumpa's nozzle feels tight around the valve. Over time, the seal will soften.
  • Push the nozzle onto the valve nice and hard. Over time, this process will become easier.

Once connected to the tyre, inflate the tyre by pressing and holding nanoFumpa's push button until the motor starts. Once inflation starts the button can be released.

Below shows a video of nanoFumpa inflating a mountain bike tyre with Schrader valve. We recommend pumping your tyre by locating the tyre's valve near the top of the tyre and standing over the tyre as shown in the video. This method also works best for tubeless tyres as their is less chance in sealant getting into the pump.

In the video you will notice the push button is flashing fast. This suggests that this pump's battery charge is low and requires charging.

The maximum pressure of nanoFumpa is approximately 80psi (550kPa or 5.5Bar). However, there is no auto-off feature once this pressure is reach. Higher pressures may be achievable.

nanofumpa automatically turns off after 50 seconds. Alternative, nanoFumpa can be turned off by pressing the button.

nanoFumpa can be disconnected from the tyre’s valve by firmly pulling the nozzle away from the valve.


During use nanoFumpa will become warm to touch. This is normal.



nanoFumpa is powered via a rechargeable lithium battery. nanoFumpa includes battery protection circuitry to ensure safe operation of the battery. For a once-a-week user, the battery should last a number years.

Continual use of the pump without allowing time for heat to dissipate will significantly reduce the life of the battery!

nanoFumpa's battery has the capacity to pump one tyre on a single charge.



The nanoFumpa comes complete with a twelve month warranty on all parts. We will repair possible faults free of charge within the warranty period, as long as the faults are caused by material defects or defective workmanship. Warranty claims should be addressed to or the retailer whom you purchased the unit from.



  • nanoFumpa won't turn on - Battery requires charging
  • nanoFumpa is warm to touch - This is normal. If the unit becomes very hot, turn the unit off and allow it to cool.
  • nanoFumpa is making a noise like a siren - Turn the unit off, wait 10 seconds, then turn it back on.
  • Air escapes from around the nozzle - A new seal inside the nozzle is required. Go to for new seal sales.

If the unit behaves unexpectedly, please turn the pump off and contact

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