nanoFumpa Bike Pump


nanoFumpa is the ultimate pocket pump! It has been designed with the commuter and eBike user in mind. Its not as powerful as our other two pumps, but it is fantastic to take with you anytime, anywhere. nanoFumpa weighs just 100 grams, and will fit into any bag or pocket. It accepts both Presta and Schrader valves and can be fast charged in less than an hour via its USB Type-C port. Please refer to the photo below for size comparison of nanoFumpa (left) versus miniFumpa (right).

nanoFumpa is great for topping up your tyres on go. Its maximum pressure is 80psi, so it has the power to fill any commuter bike or eBike tyre. For the seriously weight conscience road bike user, nanoFumpa can be an option for you but do note its 80psi pressure limit. For a 700x23c tyre, nanoFumpa will fill from 0-80psi in approximately 100 seconds. Expect to fill 1 tyre, or top up 2 tyres on a single charge.

Like our other pumps, nanoFumpa works on both Presta and Schrader valves. The nozzle comes with a small brass pin that can be easily removed for Presta valves. The pump automatically turns off after 50 seconds, and the push button flashes depending on how much battery charge is left.

nanoFumpa is also safe to take on an airplane.

Please refer to our Manuals page for more information on how to use nanoFumpa.

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