Which tyre do you Fump?

With so many different sized tyres available, its hard to predict how fast Fumpa will pump them up. So with that in mind, we thought we’d run some tests for you: 26.0×1.95″ MTB tyre, 0-40psi: ~37 seconds 26.0×2.30″ MTB tyre, 0-30psi: ~42 seconds 27.5×2.10″ MTB tyre, 0-30psi: ~35 seconds 29.0×2.20″ MTB tyre, 0-25psi: ~35 seconds […]

Effortless Fumping

Fumpa really is the most effortless bike pump on Earth right now.

Fumpa has a new Price!

Good news everyone – Due to better than expected sales, we have managed to renegotiate with our suppliers better volume pricing for raw materials and components. That means Fumpa is now being sold for just $179.00! That’s a full $50.00 saving for our new customers! Happy Fumping!